Our Story


 Hi there, Valerie and Mariana here! Welcome to our club, here is a brief story about our dream:

We are two young medicine students who have a deep passion about helping people, and a profound respect for those who day after day work in this important field. It’s because that feeling, that we came with the idea about 24 Health Club, to show our appreciation for this Super Heroes.

We have made an exhaustive search of articles that can facilitate your work day by day and we put at your disposal a click away, and every day the list is growing.

So, we understand you! Your many days and nights of hard work, and short time with family could be a problem to go shopping or have fun, well in this club you can find personalized item specially designed for you.

Very cool so far, huh? Well, there’s more... We also have a pretty great purpose with which you are sure to identify yourself: supporting benefit causes to help people around the World, specially Children Causes, also Health Organizations and Women Causes, so a portion of your purchases go directly to them.

Sure you sympathize with that! So help us to help, and share our cause with others. Together we can make the World a better place.

You’re welcome to join us in this adventure!


Featured Products

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Someone purchased a Awesome Pocket fetal Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor Prenatal

Someone purchased a Blood Pressure Monitor + Infrared Ear Thermometer - Health Pack

Someone purchased a CE FDA Glucometer Blood Glucose Monitor - Offer!

Someone purchased a Double Dual Head Professional Stethoscope

Someone purchased a Ear Thermometer Infrared Digital LCD - Colors

Someone purchased a Fetal Doppler 2.5MHz Probe LCD Ultrasound Prenatal Detector Baby Heart Rate Monitor

Someone purchased a MedBox

Someone purchased a New Pulse Oximeter CE/ISO Approved - (Awareness Campaign)

Someone purchased a Nurse Watch - Easy use

Someone purchased a Nurse Watch Easy For Work - Fashion Styles